About Amin Shir Plant Tissue Culture

Plant tissue culture is a high teach procedure in plant micro-propagation and goes further beyond custom agriculture with help of a natural properties which is inside all plants called “Totipotency”.
Amin Shir Co. which recruit specialists aimed to rise R&D in this field along its high potential capability, invest to enter very powerful into the market. The gift of this efforts are:
1)    Five commercial protocols for (Rose, Anthurium, Damask, Phalaenopsis orchids and Chrysanthemum)
2)    Accomplished of 1500 m2 tissue culture Laboratory including (Media preparation unit, Clean room to transfer aseptically and a growth room)
3)    A Hectare full automated glass greenhouse to optimize the best growing culture area
4)    A powerful program to establish a cell cloning unit to enter to the field of new varieties ornamental plants

Recently we are working on new protocols to micro-propagate bushes and dwarf ornamental plants which is under manipulation.